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Is Grief Experienced Differently After a Spiritual Awakening?

How much does our awakening change our perception of grief?

I have been lucky in life where so far at my age in my mid 40`s I haven't experienced enormous amounts of grief.

My parents are still with us, but I am at that age that my aunties and uncles are getting quite old and as life goes on, some are quite ill. The only grief I experienced that left a mark on me was before my awakening.

The passing of my first art teacher who saw me for who I was, losing my childhood dog feeling paralysed as I was in my late teens years, unable to understand why we had to make the choice we did and losing my grandmother, watching my mother grieve at the funeral forever imprinted on my consciousness.

Now that I have had a spiritual awakening, I am in this unusual sea of emotions. I have a knowledge of frequency, vibration, and dimensions. Especially those dimensions where we can meet family and friends who have departed.

I understand on a deeper level, incarnations and transitions at the time of a soul's passing. More importantly what that means for those who remain behind to grieve. How much does our awakening change our perception of grief?


The emotions of grief.

It was my brother-in-law`s father that has passed and I can't help but think how calm I am since I found out, initially, there was shock and disbelief. Both are normal emotions.

He wasn't a direct relative, but have known him as part of the family since my sister married almost 20 years ago. He was a beautiful soul, loved his grandchildren, and had his share of trauma after losing both his first and 2nd wife to illness.

I wouldn't say I am numb. I know I have difficulty expressing emotions. I don't like grief, no one does, but this calm lingers because I know he is on a new journey, this one he has made peace with and his soul has done all it had wanted, and now is ready for a new adventure.

Because I know all this and feel all of this is what I have learned about spiritually in the last 8 years or so, could even say prepares me for the time someone passes and allows me to be open and aware of this experience.


The impact of grief as an awakened soul

As a trained energy healer, it gives me the opportunity to hold space when the time comes for my brother-in-law, my sister, and especially my nieces. They are young (under the age of 18). And for the rest of the family. A gift of support that I can give to others.

I think a lot about the impact grief has on them and the bearing it has on their hearts and souls. Will losing a grandparent, change how they see life? the lives of those around them who are older?

Will my knowledge of spirituality and the sixth sense gifts I have incarnated in this lifetime make it easier for me to explain to them, the ever after? or will my mystic insights and wisdom be harder to digest as grief takes up its own space in their energy? making it harder for them to process their spiritual experience.

Neither will I force my beliefs or impose that an awakened soul "knows everything" and therefore should be the matriarch of knowledge telling everybody regardless if they want to hear it or not. Spirituality is not about ego, feeding toxic, or offering fake advice.

It is about service, supporting and guiding others from the soul, regardless of faith or no faith at all.

So how does our awakening change our perception of grief? this depends on the path you are on, your experiences, your trauma, and how much grief has played in your life. How you process these emotions, how you manage your mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being.

What support do you have during these times? Or was it the lack of support because you were from a family such as mine that does not express emotions at all? Someone such as myself, who also already questioned traditional church ideology at a young age, the black sheep that defied why life was the way it was and felt there was more.


Final Thoughts

We can only do what we are capable of doing in times of grief, no more or less. What we learn from grief, the gift of its lessons after the darkness has subsided is what its purpose is. It teaches us many things about ourselves and of course life.

It reshapes us in its own way.

It reshapes us in its own way. The soul comes to terms with space grief leaves, and uses emotions to heal when it’s ready. Grief isn’t logical, spirituality is not either. 

Having a spiritual awakening does not determine you are able to handle grief better than someone who hasn’t, instead, they both circumstances come down to energy — that asks us to be aware. 

To be present in the body, in the now, and feel all the emotions that come with grief, confronting grief, rather than hiding from it, is how we move through to the other side and come to a place of acceptance.


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