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Scars of Our Consciousness

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Women at beach tattoos scars
Women at beach tattoos scars

We gather scars like threads of fabric that are weaved deep into our consciousness. Some we let others see by how we act towards them, and some scares are weaved so deep that they are set deep within and only come up when we are triggered or go through an experience.

It is our experiences, the ones that are traumatic that leave the scars, others, are filled with happiness and joy remaining in our subconsciousness as beautiful memories.

It is our scars that take the most work to heal, but you do heal. Bit by bit, the scar tissue comes up to the surface. The body recognises that it needs to fix itself and your soul does the same thing. It’s like healing after getting a tattoo, your body regenerates itself when it senses that it has been traumatised and cut deep with a needle.

How your body heals is as individual as you are. Some bodies heal fast. My recent tattoo only 3 weeks old has taken a long time to heal because that’s just the way my body heals. My first tattoo healed quicker as it was done over 5 years ago. Now that I am older, the current tattoo is taking longer and is requiring more attention to help it heal by me being extra careful in protecting it while it heals.

Is that the same for us awakened souls? Is it that we get older, we heal quicker because we are wiser? Or does it make no difference?

Age and wisdom can help you heal quicker in some cases, in other experiences it’s a lesson we need to go through, so we can learn from and those are the ones that can really leave scars. Having scars also builds your awareness of the situation or what you went through.

You can’t have the scar and not on some level have an awareness of what has occurred. But I do acknowledge for those who may not be awake or understand that everything is a lesson when they may think it's “a mistake”, there may be no awareness for those souls.

We do, at the time think we have made a mistake and its human to go there but having awareness allows you to pull yourself through like a thread through a needle and realise that it wasn’t a mistake at all, it becomes a lesson that can as much as we don’t want to believe it leaves those scars. We can then from that acknowledge the trauma, sit with it cry with it, get angry with it, and find a way to love it on some level even if it is very small.

Then, graciously the lesson appears before you in your consciousness as a light that has been turned on, the trauma starts to fade just like your scars as you go through your process of healing. The lesson becomes a reminder just like the scar. After the fact we are a little bit wounded, probably a bit hurt a bit deflated, and defeated just temporarily of course.

Know that our traumas and scars don’t define who we are, they are just part of who we are. Our light essence our dark essence. It is our dark essence, our scars, and trauma that we need to love just that little bit more, be more attentive towards, send more light towards, nurture and protect and yes find a way to give thanks for.

It hurts to be here, in a state of trauma, believe me, I know. It's so uncomfortable, it makes your skin crawl, it makes your heart heavy and weepy and you feel those scars deep within your soul and you wonder how you will ever recover, but you do.

You know that they are there, the scars, unseen to the rest of the world. A battle you face every day when you are reminded of that trauma or experience and you can be reminded should you so happen to go through the same lesson again.

I have endured a lot of scars — lessons that are taking many goes and getting right. Each lesson brings a new lesson within it. It brings a new awareness, it brings light to a hidden part that wasn’t visible before. A new part of my darkness I need to seek out acceptance and love.

Gaining awareness at the time when our scars are forming, is a beautiful thing but also leaves you no place to hide, as much as you want to. In order to heal, do your best not to belittle yourself by adding more trauma to an exposed wound. It's okay not to like yourself for a little bit, just don’t live there. I have felt shame and unworthiness and a whole range of emotions when I endured my scars and the lessons, but I found a way to dig a little deeper and bring myself out to the other end.

It is like your life is a tightrope trying to balance your sanity with your emotions and not trying to fall off into the abyss of nothingness and darkness.

It takes a lot of work to walk through your trauma and yes, you will have scars but if you have chosen to awaken at this time, you also have chosen to work through your traumas. And know that you will work through them, in your own way, on your own terms.

I feel that is so important. How you heal and how you chose to heal is primarily your choice, it's your life, it is your sacred beloved soul, it is your trauma and it deserves love just as you do walking this earth at this time.

You are perfect as you are, scars and all.

Should you feel you cannot work through a trauma, I guide you to seek out a healer to assist you in repairing your soul. You don’t have to do this alone.


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