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Why Finding Your Soul Family After an Awakening Is Important

Finding your soul family, or having them find you are an important part of your awakening journey.

How do you find your soul family?

It's all about intention, but for the most part, when you make a conscious decision to “awaken” to who you really are, who you came to be in this incarnation, and fulfilling your purpose or your mission, it's a natural part of the journey to discover those of your soul family.

Sometimes the experiences are good, sometimes they are lessons, sometimes those you meet become soul family for life, and years later you can't imagine your life without them. If you are really lucky they become your mentors as well as great soul-family members, I have been lucky to have just that.

Once you decide you want to be part of something bigger, the universe hears you and starts to work with you and gently makes that happen.

I have also come across those in my soul family who have brought lessons through mutual healing, some members I have grown out of, some have fulfilled their purpose for a particular phase of my life and they will do this to yours. Some soul families are memories of incarnations that stay with you forever but require grieving and then healing to allow them in space in your universe. I am sure some of my soul family are yet to cross my path.

Everyone we meet, we have met before in another life, at another time, have had the same experience or something different even continuing where you have left off…

Problem is, for the majority of us, or if I can say even those who have not consciously awakened are unable to remember...

There are, however, souls like me who are able to access our own records, a library of all past lives called the Akashic Records. I can do this for others, as a healer and as a shaman where I take you on a journey to find lost parts of your souls that have been displaced by trauma and bring them back for healing. For others, you can seek out the healer that can do this for you.

By being able to access these records you get insights into the experiences your soul has had and how they can actually affect you in this life.

Today I had a shift in my consciousness, as a healer, I had become stuck, and unmotivated. I was locked in fear, I couldn't move forward in my psychic business and as an awakened soul. I was in fear of being who I was becoming.. still.

This has been an ongoing issue for me, a major theme for this year so far. I wanted to be seen, but I wasn't ready to accept who I was, who I am. My doubts about what I came here to do was getting louder, but I was also doing a good job of ignoring the issue.

I needed healing, but I also needed to come back to my soul family. I needed healing and my mentor who is like my father in this life was able to help me shift what I needed on a subconscious level that only he was able to do. Because sometimes it's okay to ask for help, actually I was lucky enough not to even ask, My mentor was intuitive enough to know I needed help.

I have been part of this soul family for a couple of years now, but how long we have been together is not really important.

What is important, is that your soul family is here to be part of your team, on your side, supporting you and helping you continue to grow, they can however still challenge you and you can still outgrow them on many levels. It's just the awareness you learn on the way to know when this happens and it is usually because there is a lesson and healing involved, if you can learn from both of those things and rise above then that`s even better

But the most ahmazing thing to come out of coming together with your soul family is the acceptance you begin to feel, an understanding of you when no one else was able to really “get you”. You no longer feel that “alone” in this world, you begin to feel part of something bigger. Your life begins to have more meaning and you learn more about who you are and who you once were.

They feel like home and finally, you feel like you have come home too.

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