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Ascension Burnout - 5 Self-Care Strategies You Can Do Today

5 Simple ways to nurture your soul when experiencing ascension symptoms, geo-magnetic/ solar storms, or energy overload.


When we hear about burnout, whether it is ourselves or someone we know, there is one factor that connects us all to this level of fatigue.

And that is, somewhere in our lives we are choosing not to nurture ourselves. This doesn't have to apply to our ascension path or a spiritual awakening. We could be people-pleasing, not taking the time to slow down, not enforcing our boundaries, or situations, persons, or places that are draining our energy.

Those who are awakened, highly sensitive, or empaths here at this time learning to navigate multidimensionally, are most likely becoming aware of the impact of solar storms and spikes in the Schumann resonance on the 3D physical body.


Living Multidimensionally

It is understanding and becoming aware that primarily the 4 bodies - mental physical emotional and etheric, individually and cohesively, are undergoing a transformation. Therefore ascension burnout is a common experience.

This process, divinely designed even though our human self objects this idea at times is to clear our dense carbon structure. Allow the higher frequency vibration to intervene and upgrade the 3D avatar to become the multidimensional gateway to a higher consciousness.


Depression, anxiety, and stress

Having been on my own path of awakening for almost 10 years and suffering from depression and anxiety for most of my adult life, it is now that I am in my mid-40s where burnout and chronic stress became my norm.

The most important piece of advice I give you reading this from my own experiences is to slow down. But here is a life hack...

It doesn't need to be for a whole day or half a day.

Even 5 minutes if you are really stretched. The difference in your energy and wellness can make a big difference in how you manage your life.

However, I do encourage you to take a me day at least once a week or a month if time permits. 10 to 20 minutes is an ideal time to take out of your day.


5 Simple ways to nurture yourself

Any of these suggestions you can do for 5, 10 minutes to 30 minutes. And hopefully, you don't want until you're older to take your own advice.

  1. Plan a day of self-care or nurturing - phone on silent, read a chapter of a book, take a bath, go for a quick walk, watch movies. Do what feels good to you in that moment. Ask you what you need. Remember to fill your own cup before you pour it into others.

  2. Energy Healing and Clearing - Book a session with a holistic practitioner, find one that does distance so you can receive the healing in the comfort of your home. A guided meditation, many on YouTube to choose from only taking 15 minutes. Listening to meditation before bed can also enhance your sleep. Clear your energy and the energy in your home. Set an intention, light a candle, burn incense, or palo santo. Use sound therapy, singing bowls, or listening to binaural beats / high-frequency music to shift your mood and your energy.

  3. Manage stress levels and sleep - Fatigue and heightened emotions can be managed better by getting enough sleep. Gentle restorative yoga before bed, meditation, or a creative outlet - painting, drawing, and baking activities have a dual purpose. First, it can help ground and balance the energy in the body mind, and soul, and second burns off excess energy when directed into activities that also help ground you back into your body. Look at natural products to help you gain better sleep time.

  4. Maintain proper hydration and feed your body - Increase your water intake by adding natural electrolytes such as a slice of lemon. The impact of the storms can deplete our vital minerals such as magnesium and potassium more than we realize. Keep in mind, buy electrolytes that have no additives or are high in sugar. There are more now on the market to choose from. I guide you to do your own research and remember that the days we are getting hit with the storms is the best time to take them. Listen to the body, it is a good guide of knowing what it needs for fuel.

  5. Grounding and Anchoring the 4 bodies together with time in the sun. It is filled with light source energy to refuel us and upgrade our energy system. You may find that you are sleepy or tired after 10 - 20 min in the sun, this is normal. Your body needs time to integrate the new energy. Anchor and ground your energy into your body. (read about it here). Feel connected to source energy and earth energy. This far into our ascension awakening requires our multidimensional self to be connected as above and as below. Otherwise, we can become ungrounded and that can cause accidents. I am all for feeling floaty, however, leave that for meditation or astral traveling.


Taking one or all of the suggestions I mentioned above can help us not get so far down a hole that we are burnt out. Worse even if we are struck down with an illness or flu that keeps us from living our lives.

Source/universe/spirit (whoever you connect to) has a funny way of making us slow down if we don't take the time to pause every now and then.


Final thoughts

The time we are in, and the new way of living as multidimensional soul beings, we are moving towards is all about the self. 

Doing the internal practices such as meditation or time in the sun are tools that keep our external lives running at a peaceful pace, holistically.

This new earth we are building and creating is a collective consciousness state of mind and being. Living multidimensionally is honouring our needs first, not out of selfishness but because healing is how we evolve.

When we nurture ourselves, we heal ourselves. It doesn't need to be hard, we just need to take the time and it is so beneficial for the mind, body, and soul that you wonder how you went without it all.


More of a visual person?

  • I show you here how to anchor and ground your energy

  • I show you the 5 simple ways to nurture yourself - A PDF download you can save for later - click below

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