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5th Dimension Loneliness

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Understanding 5th Dimension loneliness can teach us many things about ourselves and why it is useful to our spiritual awakening.

women sitting facing the sun near the water
women sitting facing the sun near the water

5th dimension of loneliness is not really spoken about in the spiritual community, and it doesn't have to be all the time, but sometimes it's necessary to be alone. It's all part of ascension.

I have chosen to awaken before many of those around me, especially my family. It took until I was in my late 30s, but I got there in the end. A stubborn soul repeating many life lessons.

Me, the rebellious black sheep of my family. The one that questioned everything. The one that feels like she doesn't belong in her family or in this existence, even this planet feels strange.

A different way of thinking that was always shunned and disregarded because it wasn't the norm. I pushed boundaries, I do not like being put into a box or lugged with a big box of expectations that have nothing to do with me.

My heart and soul feel weighed down with trauma from past incarnations, this I know for sure. I am a past life healer as well as an energy healer and sensitive intuitive if you want to label it all.


On your ascension, you can feel misunderstood by people in your community who are asleep while being understood by those in the spiritual community. It is an energetic ping pong as you dance between the 3rd, 4th 5th dimensions or even higher.

Your physical body is hanging on while your higher self is anchored to source as it takes you through experiences already agreed upon as part of your soul contract. The physical also experiences energy waves with different levels of intensity at any given time. As the energy is absorbed within it is removing the 3D density it has accumulated over many lives and installs a new crystalline energy system.

A DNA structure is like a computer hard drive always pressing the restart button with each integration.

Your body is continuously integrating upgrades and new template downloads ready to come online at any time. Memories are brought to the surface to be remembered and acknowledged and you decipher what is relevant and what can be left behind.

You feel isolated more so when these energy shifts occur because of the level it affects your body. We join Facebook groups that we feel are our soul family. Like a rehab group, we are all sympathizing with each other and sharing wisdom and guidance where we can.

But yet, the loneliness lingers.

Some days you feel okay and you can ride it out, other days you sit in the fetal position asking the universe, your guides to make it all stop. To stop the triggers, the shadow work and this feeling of isolation to leave. The loneliness to disperse from our realities, to once again feel connected to ourselves, to others, the collective.

Slowly, I see the world is waking up and as we wait patiently for more and more people to wake up and come online.

We are gradually moving into a mass awakening. As this collective awakening continues, it can make the loneliness feel more fragile as we wonder who else is awake like us, and is it only me?

Your circle of friends is small in your real life, yet you are most likely part of groups on Facebook in the thousands. Quite strange to be connected and disconnected simultaneously.

Living a multidimensional reality is like that.


Duality still exists on a social and external level while on a soul level the duality is a bit more merged and cohesive, well sometimes even then it can be worlds apart.

I personally struggle with loneliness. I know I am part of something bigger, but also feel disconnected because I am unsure most of the time where I fit in. Very few understand the 5D vibration. Dating is hard, adding to the loneliness as I struggle to find a partner on my vibration and someone that is experiencing ascension the way I am.

I work in a 3D job even though I have a 5D healing business outside of my 9 to 5. I have struggled with the feeling of being "different" from most people I work with even though some understand what I do outside of my job, the feelings of loneliness can be felt a lot more.

What also makes loneliness hard for me is that I also struggle to ask for help, especially when I feel lonely. Sometimes all I need is to talk to someone and offload the weight of my emotions out into the ether.

I get caught up in the false negative that people are too busy to have time for me, even though I am usually the person everyone goes to offload their weight. I know that there are people who really are there for me but my ego starts being loud and then I usually retreat into myself.

We are told to embrace our loneliness, and be friends with it because it is about being connected to one's self, the soul, and the collective as we are all one consciousness. It is to be embraced and loved. I don't disagree with this at all, it's just not always easy.


It is okay if you are not there yet to do that, to transcend the ego or the negative self-talk. That it makes you believe that you don't belong or no one understands you.

The key is to be okay with knowing this is all part of the process. You are learning to just be-ing, a multidimensional being here on earth. Being on your own while getting used to the idea that you are connected to something bigger than you.

There is no quick fix. It is not the time to be even harder on yourself than you already are.

Understanding your ascension into 5D is like a walk up a steep hill. At times you think you will give up you can't walk anymore, want to turn around and go back and you want someone to walk with you up this steep hill when in fact you have the universe within you guiding you forward step by step.

The walk of ascension in its times of loneliness is a guide to becoming more connected within and what is around outside of you, above you, and below you.

It's a time of feeling your way through those feelings of isolation and loneliness and a starting point to work out how you can become more connected to yourself and even your soul group.

A time to find what works and what doesn't work when loneliness hits. A spiritual toolbelt of tricks on hand ready to go when the need arises.

Loneliness guides you to explore your life further, where does it bring you more growth in your life?

Loneliness guides you to take this opportunity to learn about who you really are.

Why do you feel you are here at this time of awakening?

What to do when the loneliness hits....

  • Call a friend.

  • Write yourself a letter.

  • Find groups that are of a high vibration and lift you up.

  • Practice self-care, read a book, sit in the sun, go for a walk.

  • Meditate in anyway you feel is write even a creative task is meditation.

To go deeper, I guide you sit with your feelings...

You don’t have to love them, just acknowledging they exist is enough, to begin with. Bring them up to the surface and see them for what they really are, not what your ego wants you to believe.

If you feel guided to work on the shadow of loneliness journalling helps, discover where this loneliness has come from.

A deep meditation connecting to your guides, and asking your higher self to bring forward aspects of your soul can really help sort it all out.

Is it a limited belief?

Is it a thought pattern you inherited, or did it come from abandonment?

Is it from a traumatic experience?

For me, it has come from never feeling I fit in growing up, also an inherited belief I have to be so self-sufficient. I need to do everything on my own. It is an unhealed abandonment from a past life I am still working on because it has many layers to go through.

It rarely is never one thing but a combination of many things. Once you start to unpack and release it all does the burden become lighter.

In a world filled with so many souls, the disconnect to be connected is something we all experience at one time or another. When we meet with a unity consciousness it is only then we can dissolve the disconnect and loneliness.

I guide you to lovingly and courageously embrace it all, regardless of how messy it gets.

It is all perfect.


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