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Dragonflies and Spiritual Symbolism.

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

A conversation with the universe using signs, numerology, and animals.

When we are on the cusp of change, about to have a breakthrough, or about to take a leap of faith we may notice some of the same symbolism repeating, or symbolism that is less common to us.

In this past week, I have seen the numerology of 11:11 and 10:10. As well as animal symbolism. A dragonfly twice. The latter, very rarely do I see dragonflies twice in one week. Gray feathers in unusual places, inside my home, when I normally see white or black and white and black feathers.

If they are common or not so common doesn't mean that one is better than the other. If you see a lot of numerology in repeating numbers for instance 333, 888, and 999. You must be really popular with the universe and that she bestows her magical graces onto you. Or if you don't see any symbolism means you are invisible, neither is right nor wrong.

Seeing symbolism first comes from being open and having a deeper awareness of the world around you. You are energetically having a conversation with source, the universe, god, divine, etc. whatever you choose to call the energy.

You have tapped into an infinite source and connected to a frequency through the vibration that your soul is radiating. And, if you have built up your level of awareness on your spiritual journey, it becomes a magnet and what it draws into you travels through you, producing an energetical portal that is as individual as you are.

Imagine for a moment, that these magnets are like breadcrumbs, each one leads you to take a step, make a decision, and/or act like a guide that walks with you along in your life.

However, there can be a downside to too much of a good thing. We also have a tendency to become too reliant on seeing symbolism where we don't take enough time to step back, just be in the moment, and find common ground and a balanced approach. Unless you are like me and only deal with extremes.

Symbolism isn't a machine that gives us the answers we think we want to know or hear...It's guidance.

Such as "hold on human if you take this path it may be more difficult for you", or "good job you are on the right path". It's a set of lights, some are saying stop, others are more of caution and some are off you go, you know exactly where you are heading, see ya later.

Dragonflies and Spiritual Symbolism or any type of symbolism aren't about being serious about your life, the universe doesn't behave this way. It flows because it travels via its own frequency and it's vibrating higher than we have ever known it to be, just look at the Schumann resonance and the geomagnetic storms this past few months.

There was a time before this week, about a month ago when I was getting so much numerology symbolism.

 It was at this time that I was ready to give up. I had almost enough of this earthly existence, I was sick of the stress that had been accumulating in the last 18 months of my life. I uttered many times that I did not want to see any more symbolism my life was hard enough and some fancy numerology was going to make me feel better and my life better. (Insert spiritual tantrum /pity party) I would rather wallow in victimhood.

The universe knew that the way to speak to me on this earthly plane is through 3 ways, the written word either as a movie, book, or song. Numerology or animal symbolism specifically crows.

When I had my awakening and developed my "Clairs" this is how I learned to communicate with the higher aspects, other dimensions, and the spirit world.

The symbolism I received this week is a beacon of light just when I was ready to throw in my tarot & oracle cards, crystals, and palo-santo sticks into a bonfire and watch it all burn down.

The part of me giving up was in a small way surrendering and getting on with my life and letting the universe do her thing. This made room for the symbolism to be delivered to me, with more ease. I wasn't wasting my energy forcing or putting too much control on an outcome.

I can reflect now writing this story, that the numerology of 11:11, 10:10, and, the dragonfly all have the same energy frequency. Representing endings, beginning, and transformations. And, 10:10 is unique as my birthday falls on the 10th even though it's months away, it's already guiding me to prepare for another big shift or change between September and October. Or, that a big change will occur on the 10th of February.


Have you seen or been made aware of symbolism through numbers or animals? When you are ready to have your own special language with the universe how do you think will it appear to you? What is the channel, the phone line that you want to be called on? What frequency will you be having this conversation?

The universe can only speak to you in a way you will understand, it may take a bit of practice but it does come together eventually. There are many books you can read or videos you can watch. If you already understand synchronicity, symbolism will make a lot of sense.


Final thoughts

We forget as humans living in a multidimensional school here on earth, we are here to learn and deepen the connections we have with others or our community.

More importantly, though, it's what I call The Soul Connect, turning the dial to just the right frequency that lights our soul up. To be grounded here on earth while other versions of ourselves are tapping into other timelines at the same time. Souls notice symbolism in any way that speaks to them. Vibrations radiate to lift their spirit when they are faced with feelings of being defeated.

It's the co-creation of our life and feeling supported by the universe when we are ready to throw it all away. Knowing that the feeling of loneliness may linger temporarily until you see that next feather outside your house or look at the clock and notice the time.


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