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How To Manage Spiritual Awakening Symptoms

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

Finding relief from ascension and spiritual awakening symptoms, and ways to alleviate them.

In September I published a story - Spiritual Awakening Symptoms. A brief list of some of the many symptoms we experience as awakened souls on our ascension path.

In this story, I will also dive a bit deeper into some of the experiences and share within the scenario, some of the symptoms you may encounter and my tried and tested remedies.

They range from food, supplements, or self-care.

These are divided into 2 parts:

  • Part 1 - during / just after an awakening

  • Part 2 - Awakened multidimensional soul


Part 1

During or just after an awakening

Soon after an awakening, we can go through a dark night of the soul. This is where we feel isolated and alone. In the middle of the desert. We talk to source/spirit but receive no guidance.

It is complete darkness in the spiritual sense.

In our early stages of an awakening or a dark night, we are somewhat unconscious of the range of emotions. It isn`t until some time later, that awareness and a more conscious approach are needed to make sense of what we are feeling. Later develops a deeper understanding of the why and it is a more conscious outlook.

I feel it is important to discuss how to support your body through a dark night of the soul or during any part of your awakening. When we learn to do this, it helps build the foundations for any new symptoms or shifts we may experience as a collective.

It also builds our awareness of self, allowing us to better manage our physical, mental, spiritual, and etheric bodies. Practicing the self care part of the ascension journey.


Dark Night of the Soul - understanding it and getting to the other side

Symptoms, signs, and Remedies

  • Feel all your emotions, allowing them space to unfold. Do this by taking time alone if you can. Journaling your thoughts helps write down what you see, feel, hear, or think.

  • If you feel or notice that you have new or newly discovered psychic abilities presenting themselves, for now just write them down and come back to them later.

  • Anything that can help ground you, such as hot showers and salt baths. Infra-red saunas and floating tanks are great options once you come out of the dark night. If you feel up to it, go outside and sit in the sun for 10 - 20 min, or walk barefoot on the grass.

  • Re-balancing the body - outside assistance may be needed to help remove old energy/ emotions, trauma, and cutting of chords. Energy / Reiki /Kinesiology/Emotion Code healing sessions can assist with integrating and regulating your emotions. This helps by bringing you back into your body.


Part 2

Awakened multidimensional soul

Solar Winds, CME`s, and Geo-Magnetic Storms

After our awakening, we become more sensitive to light, and sound and more aware of how energy now feels to the body. We can easily be disrupted by our emotions and anxiety as the body is not used to the vibration and frequency it has to align to.

This is usually due to the clearing of old energy in our cellular structure and energy that has been passed down through our ancestors and/or absorbed from others around us.

The severity of symptoms we feel, may depend on the impact of the storms that are hitting Earth.

This is shown to us by its intensity and speed. They range from KP 1 to 5, even recently we have seen it up to a KP7 (you can learn more about the storms here).

When these storms approach Earth they disrupt the electromagnetic field of the planet and ourselves.

The human body has never received this amount of energy before, and neither has the planet. Our bodies are designed to attune to such high levels as part of clearing our dense cellular structure, as well as re-igniting our dormant DNA.

Symptoms, signs, and Remedies

  • Solar wind energy - disrupts our aura, chakras, and organs. The whole body may feel very unstable. To remedy this grounding and anchoring your body is a priority. This can be done with visualisation techniques or with guided meditations. Without doing so you may be prone to heightened emotions that you can't balance. As multi-dimensional beings, we are simultaneously in multiple dimensions. Attuning to multiple frequencies and vibrations.

  • Eating habits and digestion - the body may crave dense and sweet foods. Listen to your body to what it needs. I seem to crave comfort food, pasta, and root vegetables. When the storms are incoming or are high, my body wants peanut butter and chocolate spread on toast and donuts. Digestion can be very sensitive causing heartburn, reflux etc. Foods that you normally can digest are no longer digestible. We may feel nauseous and hungry at the same time.

  • Hydration and maintaining natural electrolytes in the body - We don't realise how many vitamins, and minerals we lose. Drinking water is great, adding a supplement to the water that is natural such as lemons is even better in my experience. I keep on hand a supplement that has ocean trace minerals, no flavourings, sugar, or colourings made by edge electrolytes here in Australia. Keeping up with hydration will make a world of difference. We can also feel dizzy from the energy including low blood pressure.

  • Fatigue - this is most probably the most significant sign. The body is recalibrating and needs a lot of rest to do so. Lack of sleep/insomnia is common. We can feel wired, edgy or the mind races making it somewhat difficult to sleep. There are supplements such as melatonin before bedtime to assist in more restful sleep. Sometimes all you can do is take a nap and lie down.

  • Aura & Chakra Clearing - Use visualisation such as white light sweeping your body head to toe and around the body. Or a different colour such as the violet flame if you feel you need more of a clearing. Guided meditations are great, or binaural beats also can be of assistance.


Listening to the multidimensional body

There are many symptoms, solutions remedies that can help our ascension symptoms more bearable. Whether that be at the beginning of an awakening journey or a seasoned ascension trailblazer.

I guide you to use your discernment. Your body knows what is best for you. It is important to listen and ask yourself what you need.

What I love most about our awakening at this time is that with our re-evolution we are learning more about how to support the body mind and soul. Such as somatic and sound healing. We have awakened guides that teach us about using cell salts, grounding mats, foods, and herbs.

All are useful for holistically healing and maintaining the etheric and human bodies during storms or just day-to-day

We are discovering quantum new earth practices, such as the introduction of med beds. Building quantum businesses designed for new paradigms all to help us tap into the energy that our multidimensional bodies are becoming attuned to.

Yet as much as we are advancing, we are also acknowledging and respecting our traditional ways of healing that our ancestors, such as shamans, today we use naturopaths, herbalists, and nutritionists once did.

Regardless of what remedies, solutions, food, or supplements we decide to incorporate into our well-being, all have a place in our ascension journey and our awakening. Here for us to infuse into our daily lives in any way that we see fit.


Final Thoughts

Through my own experiences, I can only guide you in understanding what the human vessel may need during your awakening. It is up to you to figure the rest out and spend time researching different methods and modalities.

Our awakening is uncovering our unique soul blueprint so that we can evolve and make a difference in the world just by existing, raising our vibration and frequency.

It is each person's soul / higher-self that takes you on your unique journey, what it wants to experience, and how to grow and evolve through those events.

It's a combined effort to embody the new multidimensional self and gather the right tools that work for you. We are divinely designed to find the way forward while remembering we are already perfect.


Health disclaimer — I am not a medical professional and do not offer medical advice, for any guidance please seek qualified professional help.

I offer my opinions only due to my own experiences.

I receive no affiliate profits for any products I've mentioned. I love sharing my knowledge and offering solutions, sharing is caring, and if it helped me it may help you.


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