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Spiritual Dissociation After A Spiritual Awakening

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

women at field alone feeling sad
women at field alone feeling sad

On our spiritual journey, we can at times feel we have one foot on the path of our awakening, while the other foot dangles somewhere in the abyss trying to find solid ground.

We can at times feel disassociated, detached, and in a void.

This is where I am at.

I feel detached from life, my body, and my inner compass - the soul.

I sit in a void and I feel numb.

I have been here before.

Spiritual dissociation after a spiritual awakening can be played out in many ways depending on the soul. I see divided into two parts; the first part is when we choose to separate ourselves from what is bubbling under the consciousness in our subconsciousness. This can be past trauma, stress from our daily life, personal relationships, work, money, children and dependants, or our health.

The second half is when our higher self is in the driving seat, while aspects of our soul are doing work in other dimensions. Being multidimensional means at times we are receiving upgrades or downloads for our higher purpose or to help the collective and overall to transition to becoming more 5th dimensional.

It is as if we go on autopilot, in a way we do. The body our vessel continues to function day in and day out and our soul, with our higher self, continues to do its work.

I do feel that both aspects can overlap working together while being separate, but as a conscious being it’s all one. I know, slightly confusing.

It is common to check out and to go on autopilot and not worry about doing the work, the healing, and all the messy purging that comes with it, but that is how we can get into the habit of just dissociating every part of our lives. It gets too much so we try to find an exit.. quickly.

By all means, if that’s what you want to do, go ahead. But, believe me when I say at some point you must face it. How little or how much you face is up to you and there is no right or wrong amount. It is what you are ready to face and in some cases, you go into the dark night of the soul, many times.

I for one, being on my awakening for some time now, have the awareness to know when I go from being on autopilot, allowing my higher self to drive, or if I am retreating from the world around me and finding other vices to cope while my soul disconnects from the body and my life in general.

We step into the human aspect of ourselves temporarily or on a more permanent basis. Either way, it's not easy and you become uneasy within yourself.

When we feel numb or in a void it takes courage to face what is going on a soul level and we don’t always get it right, we have free will and we can choose if we want to visit those aspects of our consciousness.

We are always a work in progress until we become enlightened of course. the more you gain the awareness of dissociation and when it is actually happening the sooner you can pull yourself back into oneness.

Pay attention to the ways you can assist you during this process, journaling grounding and meditation are great tools to assist you.

There is light at the end of it all and you can come back to YOU as many times as necessary. As we heal the void, experience the numbness, or face our trauma we gradually build an understanding.

We build an awareness of our inner self, our soul becomes more familiar and we eventually lessen the amount of time we dissociate our soul from our body and our overall consciousness.

We notice more and more when it happens and we face it in our own way and on our own terms. I don’t believe there is a time limit nor should there be any pressure from the spiritual community or those around you when and how much you should be working on healing.

If so, then that’s not your tribe, and the way you do it is perfect for you. It has nothing to do with anyone else. That can in fact add to the disassociation from ourselves because we can’t take the pressure or that there is only one set way to “be spiritual”.

No this shouldn’t be the case, ever. This is your soul, a path for you to discover and heal.

If you are reading this, I know you are doing the best you can beloved soul and it is and always will be enough.

Your soul will always bring you back to YOU, perfect and whole in every way.


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