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Can Grounding Help Alleviate Ascension Symptoms?

Updated: Jun 19

Simple techniques that could be one of the tools to ease Ascension Symptoms

mountain forest trees
mountain forest trees

We know how important grounding is for our overall well-being.

When we are consistent with it strengthens our connection to ourselves. Embodying our multidimensional essence in our 3D physical body allows a deeper synergy with the planet and the collective consciousness.

Grounding forms an open freeway to hear and receive guidance, but can it help alleviate some of the symptoms of Ascension?


There is no right or wrong way to ground

I feel sometimes on our awakening journey we can become rigid and think we must heal, do shadow work, or manifest in a precise way.

The same goes for grounding.

You might think, am I doing it right, do I have to always find grass to walk on with bare feet?

The beauty of the awakening journey is discovering and uncovering the methods and ways to ground that work for you. And, as technology gets even better new and unique approaches to ground,

We all have a unique energy signature. We fluctuate between various levels of frequencies. And this means that our approach to grounding has to be what works for us. Being open to adapting to what all the bodies need at any given time.


The Physical body and grounding

Exercise such as Yoga or Pilates is a way to ground the body and soothe the mind and soul, focusing on centering and breathing. Holding poses guides the mind to take a back seat and make space for the consciousness.

Going to the beach, in the pool for a swim, gardening, painting, sitting in the park feeling the sun on your face, or having your bare feet on the earth can all help ground and anchor the body into the now.

A quick way to ease the physical signs and physical grounding is by doing something active, it moves the energy inside the body. It also transmutes and expels the energy out of the body back into the earth.


The Emotional body and grounding

For some of we become accustomed to bottling our emotions until we explode. When we don't find healthy ways to release our emotions or seek healing to help us release them, it can be difficult to find balance.

Our approach to life and handling day-to-day challenges become so huge that we shut down and even become numb. When this happens we energetically detach from the soul. The body as a whole runs on autopilot and so does our life.

The ways we can reset our energy could be through meditation, and listening to sound healing. Our emotions are signs from the soul that something or some part of our life is out of alignment. If we can see our emotions as a scale from bad to good, we can then use this to find balance, ultimately bringing us back into the body and be grounded once again.


The Mental body and grounding

Our Mental state is not in the body in the physical sense. It is a central part of ourselves that makes decisions, keeps us stuck or in loops, and fights head-to-head with the heart.

This shows up as sleepless nights, insomnia, overthinking, and unpleasant thoughts and patterns. Resulting in headaches, migraines, and drowning in feelings of overwhelm and disassociation.

When you become awakened, a much deeper realisation occurs, and your awareness heightens more than it ever has before. Indicates where the head and heart are out of balance.

To ground the emotional body use visualisation techniques to channel ideas for manifestations. Use this as an opportunity to write, read, speak, and think.


Anchoring and Grounding the Etheric Body

I have mentioned it a few times now and repeatedly speak about anchoring because we are in a time of mass awakening where the density of our carbon bodies is dissolving as we become crystalline.

This is a lightweight form of being, it has to be so that it holds the highest frequency and vibration. When we think of crystals each type of crystal has its own unique properties.

This applies to our consciousness, our body, mind, spirit, and soul depending on our incarnations, trauma, healing, DNA, and genetics. We are unique, each soul is individual and not a copy. What makes us up might be the same physically, but energetically we all have a unique energetic code.

The anchoring to source above via the higher chakras at the top of the body holds the higher consciousness. It also acts as a channel to bring higher-frequency energy codes into our DNA.

The grounding into the core of the earth holds the physical body and the lower chakras. Without anchoring the whole self top and bottom we can become ungrounded. Also blocking any codes that need to be downloaded or to upgrade us.


Final Thoughts

Collectively we have come so far.

Many souls wake up at a speed that we have never experienced before. What worked for us, or those like me who woke up 10 years ago may not apply as well now as what they did then.

The foundations may be the same and the purpose of awakening to living a higher consciousness is the same, but the tools to alleviate, heal, or repair the 4 bodies will evolve as more of our consciousness is discovered.

Grounding is vital to our well-being, and will be needed more than ever before. The path to the new earth is about the self, healing the internal so living as a multidimensional soul will be with more ease, rather than more pushing or force.

To ground alleviates our ascension symptom because it brings us to the now, and being in the present.


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