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What Are Ascension Symptoms?

Updated: Jun 24

And how long do the ascension symptoms last?

The symptoms, in my opinion, are more in our auric field than we think. They are a result of our awakening and becoming multi-dimensional.

It is also an imbalance of the “chi”. The way the energy flows around the body or doesn't. This shows up as an energy block, a dis-ease in health-related issues, or unhealed/repressed trauma, even aches and pains.

How long they last depends on what emotion was attached to it and when it first occurred. How easy it is for a soul to detach and heal from it. And its impact on the body, mind, and soul.


The Symptoms

They vary and will change and shift as more of the collective awakens. Some of these are

Waves of heat and the opposite body chills, digestion — heartburn, gas, burping, nausea, pain in the body — bones, joints, muscles, and organs. Migraines, headaches, dizziness, vertigo, or feelings of low blood pressure.

Appetite changes, no desire for food or the opposite unsatiable appetite, including cravings for various foods for short periods. Vision — blurriness, unable to tolerate bright lights. Hearing — ear ringing, different pitches and tones, in one ear or both. Irritability, crying, anger/rage, anxiety, depression, little motivation.

Sensitivity to loud noises, light, and people’s emotions. Lack of concentration and forgetfulness. Disrupted sleep and insomnia. Psychic gifts and abilities coming to the surface are no longer dormant.


Why do they occur?

It is important to note that the recalibration occurs in every part of the “body”, the mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and etheric. And, these changes are driven by the higher self or oversoul.

The body is the vessel that holds the soul. During the ascension period, usually after an awakening, the higher self works with the soul to release energy it no longer needs. To raise its frequency and vibration.

This is so we can vibrationally connect to higher dimensions and higher aspects of ourselves.

Ascension symptoms help us break free of old versions of ourselves. By doing so, we gain awareness of our human aspects as the soul gets its training wheels in becoming multidimensional.

This is where the ego takes a back seat and we learn to be guided by our innate self - the soul. Where the heart and soul have as much to say as our head. Finding that balance and knowing when we are tipping forward or tipping too far backward and when it is needed to come back to center.

While there is no one aim of ascension, part of it is so we can live in alignment with our whole self. We learn to recognise the nudges and signs our body gives us, which helps us strengthen our intuition and inner guidance.


A new soul template

Ascension isn't a solo trip entirely - it's a collective push forward into a new world, a new way of being, the way we really are. A state of being that serves us all. And because of it, we become of service by being more of who we are.

On an individual level, it is not about creating a better version of who you are. We think a spiritual awakening or multidimensional or ascension is happening because we are broken or messed up.

I disagree, it is what I call our re-evolution.

This incarnation is a re-do of all our past incarnations intertwined in a time when the planet is also shifting. Gaia is re-aligning her evolution, acting as our usher into a new way of living.

It's breaking out of the old paradigm, dissolving our old stories, beliefs, and mindsets that block us. In its replacement, we bring into this existence, a new soul template.


How long will they last?

There is no way to tell. I wonder sometimes, how much of it will happen in my lifetime.

I feel I will be around to see the world shift because that is part of why I incarnated here. At this time be a bridge between the old and the new worlds.

From 2027 there will be a significant shift, anyone who hasn`t awakened won't be able to remain asleep for much longer.

When I started to learn about ascension myself after my awakening, I had no idea how long my symptoms would be. Or how intense they could get, and still are. And that 10 years later I am still writing about them.


Level of intensity

If we break it down on a personal level, the ascension symptoms you or the next person experience will be unique to your life and this incarnation.

Ascension symptoms from my experience come in waves. The intensity will be connected to where you are in your life and if you are stepping into a new level/vibration.

On the external, you may notice your symptoms more when the Schuaman Resonance frequency is at any given time. The heartbeat of the earth also resonates within us.

When we have solar flares, as they increase or decrease in severity will also contribute to our ascension and the symptoms we experience. As they approach Earth they disrupt the electromagnetic field of the planet and ourselves.

Through Ascension, our bodies begin to attune to such higher levels of frequency, at the same time it clears our dense cellular structure and reignites our dormant DNA.


The soul decides

What is hard to comprehend when we are struggling with ascension symptoms is the why.

This is when we need to step back and understand that the soul chose the path. It also chooses what it experiences, including ascension symptoms. It also decides if it's a quick awakening, awakened by trauma or experience, or a long awakening process.

Little progress comes when you fight the process, or allow the ascension symptoms to overtake you. Take it from someone who did this for many years.

There is however a fine line, between sane and insanity, and ascension can sometimes feel like you are losing your mind while the body feels like it has been hit by a truck.


Final thoughts

As we awaken more quickly with many new symptoms, there are just as many new solutions, natural remedies, and therapies that can help our ascension symptoms more bearable.

I guide you to use your discernment. Your body knows what is best for you. It is important to listen and ask yourself what you need.

There are many groups on Facebook, people you can follow on various platforms. Or even listen /watch to learn more about the awakening process on X, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok.

Plus I have written many stories about Ascension, Spirituality, and Awakening... you can find them here.

It is not without warning that I say go down any rabbit holes at your own discretion.

Most of all honour your process, you are exactly where you need to be.


Health disclaimer — I am not a medical professional and do not offer medical advice, for any guidance please seek qualified professional help.

I love sharing my knowledge and offering solutions, sharing is caring, and if it helped me it may help you.


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