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Is a Mentor Needed After a Spiritual Awakening?

Updated: Jun 7, 2023


The answer to needing a Mentor after a Spiritual Awakening is Yes and No, it isn't always a clear-cut decision because we find ourselves new to the awakening journey and through this path is when we gain awareness of what our soul is calling out for…

Walk it Alone?

Sometimes an awakening requires us to walk it alone.

Other times we need that earth angel energy to support us, hold our hand, and be that lifeline when we are left in the cold by friends and family that no longer "get us".

Afraid to Ask For Help

In other situations, we fear asking for help.

That lonely warrior spirit makes us determined to walk through the valley of fire, death and rebirth because we feel no one understands us, and we are used to doing things on our own anyway.

I relate to that warrior spirit

I get it... I do this also.

I'm so used to being betrayed and let down, left to pick up pieces of my shattered heart on the floor that feels like it's about to lose ground under my feet at any moment.

The warrior rarely gives up or gives in.

I forget I can ask for help if I want it

My pride gets in the way, I sit in woe is me and throw a pretty good tantrum if the situation calls for it.

I have a Leo moon so cue the DRAMATICS...

Sometimes we get burned by those we ask for help, that is painful and we want to hide away even more.

During the Spiritual Awakening

Or just after, You may be on your 10th mini awakening, there are times when we need soul family. Those who are walking in the same shoes we are.

Experiencing depression, and anxiety, and finding ways to heal from trauma.

In steps the Mentor

Who is better equipped to help after a spiritual awakening than an old soul who has come to the school of Earth and gone through what you have?

Seen those days when getting out of bed and living a multidimensional life on the outside while screaming in pain on the inside behind closed doors.

The Spiritual Awakening Journey

Teaches us the most about discernment. Following our body responses to what is good for us and what isn't while we learn to trust the intuition we have had all our lives.

It is also the time to learn when we must go it alone and when we can stop feeling guilty and ask for help.

Final Thoughts

Our awakening is like a 12-step process, we take a step forward and two steps back, fall off the side of the path at times and in other instances, we are walking forward with pure determination and strength.

The key thing to remind ourselves is that all we need is one step in the right direction of where we want to move towards. And, know that bumps along the road are what makes the spiritual awakening journey the road less travelled, but still a road nonetheless.


About Soul Connect

Registration is now open to my online community for awakened souls.

I will be hosting an online monthly circle where you can connect with others who are on the same journey with you.

Where we talk about all spiritual matters such as awakenings, energy, ascension symptoms, psychic gifts, and abilities.

This circle isn't about "teaching" you how to be a multidimensional being, you already are. It is about guiding and supporting YOU through it.

Click Here to Learn More: Soul Connect | Star of Avyon

soul connect online community
soul connect online community


Work With Me

There are other ways to work with me if the circle is not for you.

I offer one-to-one private healing or mentoring sessions where ever you are in the world.


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