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My Top 5 Stories About Solar and Geo-Magnetic Storms

Updated: 4 days ago

A Comprehensive Guide for the Spiritual and Multidimensional Soul Being Experiencing Solar and Geo-Magnetic Storms

You may have seen on the news lately or heard about it from Spaceweather about the increase and frequency of solar storms.

Every once in a while, it makes headlines. Other times it goes unnoticed by mainstream news. But there is one collective of souls who not only know about them when they happen, and even senses them before they arrive on Earth.

They also feel them energetically and are aware of the frequency of vibrations that each storm brings with them to Earth.

These are the awakened souls - and simultaneously these same occurrences are the spark that lights others up so they awaken.


My experience with these solar and geo-magnetic storms has always been fascinating and I love the science of it with a good dose of spirituality mixed in.

I love talking and discussing them so much that I have written about them over the last few years to share my knowledge with others.


In this piece, I have put together a collection of stories that I have written about solar/geomagnetic storms in one place. They will also include stories that are related to ascension by how the body, mind, and soul are affected by solar storms.

I hope you enjoy the collation of stories...


This story is about our spiritual Awakening that signals the start of our ascension journey.

This story is about how the body has changed in the last 12 months. What are the physical signs and symptoms?

This story is: what are they exactly? what does all it mean to our awakening and what you need to know that would help you gain more clarity as to why it's happening?

The creation of a new multi-dimensional being - this story is a continuation of story 2, also discussing the DNA changes because of ascension.

This story is for those who may be experiencing or are new to ascension symptoms because of solar storms or their awakening and are seeking guidance on integrating and balancing the 3d body.


The tipping point of our awakening

Now that we have seen in the past weeks how the frequency of the solar storms has increased, their intensity, and how long they last, soon won`t be such an unusual appearance. 

We passed the tipping point of awakened souls a few years ago, and with that, it became the energy needed to collectively, move humanity forward. And would also determine the speed that which this was to happen.

Many of us are aware that we really are on the ascension train. Not only is time speeding up but the amount of souls awakening. 

We may feel the brunt of it more physically than others who may not be awake, and our emotions and mental health are strained. 

As the 3D body attains to be anchored to earth, our higher aspects are on an energetic freeway.

Upgrading and building our vibration and frequency to energetically (not physically) reach higher dimensions. Including higher aspects of the soul while also unlocking dormant DNA.

We can feel buzzed or wiped out or even both.


Final Thoughts

I guide you to look after yourself as best you can, with the tools you have. And more importantly, listen to the body. It is the first and last point of recognition to tell you what it needs or doesn't need. 

By doing so, it will help you navigate and manage this process. We want more ease not more stress during these times.

I have written other stories about my own awakening, ascension, and spirituality. I hope you enjoy reading them too.


Should you require further help with integration please seek out holistic/alternative therapies and/or mental health assistance/guidance. 

Health disclaimer - I am not a medical professional and do not offer medical advice, for any guidance please seek qualified professional help.

I offer my opinions only due to my own experiences.


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