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A Guide to Spiritual and Ascension and Terminology

The Spiritual Ascension Buzzwords We Encounter Post-Awakening

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After a spiritual awakening, we are bombarded with information, new terminology, and a whole bunch of symptoms that sometimes need their own dictionary. It is in reality, getting a deeper understanding of spiritual ascension for the awakened soul.

I remember after my awakening I was a sponge for anything spiritual. I loved that my curiosity was expansive and fearless as it went down many rabbit holes. I also found, that many times, I felt overloaded and overwhelmed.

Any unfamiliar words had almost a celestial and mystical feeling to them.


Defining the spiritual language

It is, of course, and in hindsight, I wish I had a list, a go-to reference of spiritual buzzwords and their interpretation.

I feel many newly awakened souls are wandering around in the abyss of spirituality and rabbit holes of conspiracy theories that are looking for such a reference.

This prompted me to respond and write a list of what I think is useful without being too overwhelming.

As mentioned, explanations aren't just entirely found in a dictionary but are also created and explained from my own experiences and interpretations based on my own experiences.

And are open for your interpretation.


Here are the mystical terms explained from my point of view:

  1. STARSEED - A soul that has originated from a star and/or constellations.Such as from Lyria, Acturians, and Sirius. And is not limited to Andromeda and Orion. Characteristics and traits of these stars may be inherited in our DNA or we feel a familiar knowing or connections.

  2. MULTIDIMENSIONAL - The human soul, holds coded DNA that vibration and frequency of the soul allows them to move between dimensions energetically. Just as a shaman or mediums moves to lower dimensions to access information or where a channeller can access higher dimensions. (anyone awake is multidimensional)

  3. GRIDWORKER / KEEPER - The Earth's guards, incarnated here and have past incarnation remembrance to either lay new grids / clear grids (Laylines in the Earth's structure) to allow energy to flow between and through the chakras in the Earth. They also clear old dense energy sometimes of reptilian nature that has remained in the earth. Can also work with elementals such as dragons who are also the gatekeepers to either evolve into their light or work with ones who are already highly vibrational. They are here to do the groundwork so we and Earth can ascend.

  4. ASCENSION - A term that has been used to symbolise how as a collective and as individuals move from the lower state (energetically not physically) of 3D to 4D and 5D. It is creating a new earth.

  5. LIGHT LANGUAGE - An ancient language originated from a star/constellation that can be either channeled in drawings or spoken like a language. It can also be channeled as codes and needs an interpreter by a messenger or a seer to translate and download the context. This can be used as activations to awaken dormant DNA, skills, or abilities.

  6. LIGHTWORKER - Awakened souls who have a deep inner knowing they are here to spread the light of the universe and increase the Earth's vibration for a better experience in 3D. They share their light with others as they discover their own.

  7. WAY SHOWERS - The first souls to arrive in the 60-the 70s. Their role was to begin the succession of the waves that would be following and birth future generations that would bring the second and third waves of souls.

  8. CME`S - Coronal Mass Ejections of energy by the sun - learn more about them here.

  9. SOLAR STORMS - A disturbance of energy coming from the sun that reaches Earth. - learn more about them here.

  10. DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL - Can occur before or trigger an awakening, lasts for hours, days, or months sometimes all at once or at periods of a soul's growth and expansion. A time when the soul-being feels alone and experiences death and rebirth. It may also include doing shadow work and healing.

  11. GEO MAGNETIC STORMS - When a solar storm occurs, the wind of this storm hits the magnetosphere. It disrupts the magnetic field that surrounds us and the field of the planet.

  12. DNA UPGRADES / ACTIVATION - We are designed with 2 strands of DNA that are currently accessible. As we move towards a high consciousness our DNA will be upgraded, occurring in waves of souls at a time. Activations are unlocking or "activating" dormant DNA, Codes, Gifts, and abilities. The DNA strands will go from 2 to 12 in years to come. How soon this happens depends on how quickly we awaken.

  13. DOWNLOADS - Fragments of information downloaded into our cellular structure to be unlocked or used when the time is right and divinely guided such as intuition. Downloads can be ideas and thoughts that help the soul move through life, not limited to offering them ideas or offerings to assist the collective.

  14. 5D EARTH - An energy state of consciousness not a physical state of being.

  15. CRYSTALLINE - Humans have existed here on planet Earth for centuries and until now our bodies have been carbon-based. Crystalline is the new structure that is, and will continue to hold the energy to access higher dimensions. Within it are DNA and energy that make up part of our cellular structure. A state of being that will one day be clear of trauma and an energetic gateway for earth souls to access the new earth.

  16. NEW EARTH (CONSCIOUSNESS) - The earth that the awakened souls are creating, one different from the 3D and free from many of the earthly experiences such as greed, violence, etc. It is the light that emerges from the darkness - (again energetic) state of being. While it is not known yet if souls on Earth will be split into timelines physically, it is already occurring energetically.

  17. ASCENSION FLU - Feels like a common cold, however, there is a sixth sense or an inner knowing that is more than just a cold. It is felt in the chakras and is designed to clear old energy from the body to hold more light.

  18. SOUL STAR CHAKRA & EARTH STAR CHAKRA - Two not-so-common chakras - Soul Star chakra is the chakra above our crown chakra, allowing us clearer access to source/universe. Earth Star Chakra is below our feet helping us connect with more ease to the earth. As we ascend we can be swayed and be ungrounded due to the energy we are absorbing from the sun. These chakras help us anchor to above and below sources. Learn more about that here.

  19. GALACTIC BEINGS- A term to describe extraterrestrial beings (not aliens) who reside in higher states of consciousness, constellations, and star systems. They are also watching over us, with no intervention on Earth as we have free will.

  20. STAR FAMILY - Used to describe entities that come from the same planet/star/constellation.

  21. SOUL FAMILY - Other human beings that we have had previous incarnations with meeting together at the same incarnation, those who feel like family outside of blood relatives.

  22. 3RD, 4TH, AND 5TH DIMENSIONS - Dimensions of reality inside the matrix that a multidimensional awakened soul can access through energy, intuition, and vibration.

  23. ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD - This is the magnetic field around our planet. See it as the Aura around our earth. It expands from Earth out into space.

  24. SCHUMANN RESONANCE - Is Gaia`s heartbeat. It is measured in hertz, specifically 7.83hrtz and rising. When a solar storm occurs, the hertz will increase. This can be felt in the body such as fatigue among other occurrences.

  25. AWAKENED SOUL - An earth soul being that has been awake before 2012. They may have been way-showers who came here to earth to wake up. Help usher and guide those after them to the 4th and 5th dimensions. They have and are doing the groundwork, laying the foundations for the new earth. Other awakened souls are still coming to earth and will wake up in a shorter time frame than those whose awakening takes years, usually in waves at precise times such as eclipses.

  26. NEWLY AWAKENED SOUL - These souls have arrived in recent years, most likely under the ages of 13 / 14. They incarnate already awake, already knowing and seeing without the need to go through a trauma or a dark night of the soul to wake up consciously. They are the ones who will be in charge of shifting humanity by showing those unawakened what is possible. They can be very gifted with knowledge already activated, rather than learned or studied. I feel intuitively, this will become more noticeable in the next 3 to 5 years. Read more about that here.

  27. AKASHIC RECORDS - A library of every incarnation, experience, trauma, and emotion a soul has experienced over its existence, not just in this life. It can be accessed via meditation, Quantum Healing, or an Akashic Records Reader.

  28. SOUL CONTRACT - A contract that a soul chooses to experience at their incarnation on Earth. Every moment or experience is already determined. Our shadow work and healing help us release old energy that has remained in the body from experiences/trauma of the contract. This contract also determines the family/lineage the soul incarnates into.


The dilemma of labels

In reality, our 3d existence was built on labels that created many boxes for us to fit in. Not all of us believed we would live a life that stayed in that box, where breaking out of it was just as fun.

It`s these souls who with their awakenings, the black sheep, sacred rebels, and trailblazers are the brave ones who break out of those cages and show the rest of the world what it means to be a multidimensional soul being.

They hold space and the light for others to see and awaken in themselves.


Final thoughts

We aren't designed to get hung up on labels or definitions of what is or what isn't the right meaning.

There is beauty and expansion in a soul's idea of what each word means to them. All of this is based upon their own experiences which becomes a different interpretation not found in a dictionary.

Neither were we, as awakened souls, warned that we could become so quickly overloaded with information and take in too much too soon.

Only the soul knows what is true and what is not. It is neither wrong nor right. Anything beyond this rests within the higher self and our divine essence to experience.


What would you like to know that isn't listed above? Let me know in the comments and I will update the story as suggestions are mentioned.


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