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Why Resting is Important During an Energy Shift.

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Doing Nothing is just as important as doing something and why resting is just as Important

women lying on paved road in forest
women lying on paved road in forest

It is okay during an energy shift to do nothing. In fact, it is exactly what you should be aiming for.

Currently, we are coming out of a wave of an energy shift this wave also is coming off the influx of recent C-class solar storms, the lion's gate portal, and a number of planets in retrograde.

You can just feel the energy, something deeper is flowing in the underground currents deep within the earth's core.

As we collectively wake up from the matrix and walk our own path of ascension, new or old, these shifts are no joke and during each shift, we wonder if we will get to the other side.

It has been a while since I felt it this strong and even stronger desire to fight it.

With each wave over the past 6 years of my spiritual awakening, I struggle with doing nothing while my Virgo brain can`t sit still and relax up-bringing insists if not demand I do something.

But I can’t,

I am stuck like mud.

My brain is like a hamster on a wheel or doing a zoomie is what my puppy does when she runs laps at full speed around my one-bedroom unit. My body feels somewhat present. I think it is and I have no idea what I did today, what I ate, or even if I showered, I can`t remember the details of anything, other symptoms of an energy shift.

The worst of it is though I feel guilty for not doing anything, but the bare minimum.

The guilt of feeling guilty, no motivation, no drive, I can't even decide if I am hungry or not while managing bouts of nausea vertigo, and brain fog. I can only tell this shift is massive because I am going to bed early and napping during the day (I never do either) and the zombie-like walking I do around my home. This is making the guilt worse as my 3D brain says you must do something while my 5D higher self says for the love of the universe will you just chill..!

I can't, I must do something.

No matter how many times this happens I must do something.

My brain, off it goes trying to rearrange a cupboard or do a grocery list just something “normal", while my body urges me to lay down.


Why resting is so Important for our overall well-being?

As I lay in bed writing this, exhausted-cant sleep insomnia burning my eyes, I am guided to write down what this feels like and share it with others.

As my ears ring as if I have been at a concert for 10 hours. I feel on the surface slightly better, still exhausted, but butter. Channeling the energy has helped. It is known that during an energy shift if you feel that out of body feeling the best thing to do is find the best way to ground your energy during a shift.

I never really remember good spiritual practices during a shift. I usually just ride it out and pray that it passes. It usually does as I have been really good at fighting against and pushing through it because I didn't feel like dealing with the guilt of doing nothing.

I never thought writing would be grounding for me, maybe I am finally learning something! Usually, the last thing we think of is grounding we usually feel too wiped out to do anything else.

The internal conflict of having to do rather than just Be still lingers and I hope I can make peace with myself that it is okay to do nothing as my soul /higher self is undoubtedly doing a lot of work on the higher planes.

An energy shift will be different for everyone and occur at different times, our waves will be unique to us but collectively we all go through it like a Mexican wave one after the other. Our symptoms will be somewhat the same as our way showers, 1st wavers guide us and let us know what we can expect and collectively feel either all of the symptoms or just a few of them.

What we can do is not be so hard on ourselves and we really do have to rest our bodies, our energy demands it. There is no other way to get around it. The upgrades, and the changes to our cellular /DNA structure to become more crystalline need the body mind, and soul to rest.

We can fight it as much as we want but sometimes the wave is going to come crashing through, and you will know when it hits. It will feel like a wave coming over your head down your body you will sway a little and your legs and feet will be like jelly as you whisper to your higher self "your not the boss of me" then drag your body to the nearest chair lounge or bed. Sometimes that wave will be a few minutes or even a few hours.

This is when the guilt is at its worst when you must absolutely rest the guilt not just the resting of the physical body. It has no room here to reside, you have to surrender.

The guilt is not really guilt, it is trusting yourself to surrender to your higher self, your higher purpose, and surrendering to just being in the moment..truly everything else can wait.

Believe me, when I say how much I struggle with this to the point of tears as it's all I know how to be. I have been this way of living for the future and not the present for a very long time. A lot of us will be feeling this way until we grow a little bit more and be okay with not worrying about what is next.

It is a bit of baggage that needs to be dropped off and lovingly left behind. I say lovingly as I wish parts of my old self well and thank them for who I was up until this moment.

For now, acknowledge the guilt if you feel it also thank it for being here even if you are in the moment and rest for 1 second one minute, or 1 hour, and know that you are exactly where you are meant to be in this moment.

Sending love

Cee Cee


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