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How To Understand Solar Storms and How it Impacts our Ascension Into 5D.

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

What are they? and what you need to know.

How to understand solar storms and how it impacts our Ascension into 5D
Aurora Norway

If you are spiritual and awakened, you may be aware of solar storms and you might ask how to understand solar storms anyway? Or you could also be following and taking more notice of the current influx of storms reaching the earth over the past few days.

Earth has been receiving the impact of solar storms for many centuries. It is not new by any means. What is occurring is the acceleration at which the atmospheric conditions are approaching our whole world. And the severity in which it happens. In particular, the strength of the solar winds.

Maybe you have gained awareness recently of the effect these storms are having on our 3rd-dimensional bodies. More importantly, the new and ever-evolving vibrational frequency of the energy of our body and our planet.

Solar Flares and Geo Magnetic storms are an essential part of our ascension. The earth and solar storms transmit frequencies from one to the other. Within this frequency is the code to set the ascension process in motion, and a domino effect occurs.

To gather an understanding of all the technical terms you may hear when solar storms are discussed on social media or otherwise, I have included below a glossary to assist.


Solar Storms — A disturbance of energy coming from the sun

Solar winds — A stream of particles containing plasma and particles from our sun.

Electromagnetic Field — This is the magnetic field around our planet. See it as the Aura around our earth. It expands from the earth out into space.

Geomagnetic Storms — When a solar storm occurs, the wind of this storm hits the magnetosphere. It disrupts the magnetic field that surrounds us.

Schumann Resonance — Is Gaia`s heartbeat. It is measured in hertz, specifically 7.83hrtz. When a solar storm occurs, the hertz will increase.

A B, C, M, and X Class Flares — A grading system, measuring the flares. A being mild, X being severe.

KP 0 to 10 — It is a measuring system to determine the severity of a solar storm. Also, it will indicate the intensity of the Aurora Borealis some countries can see at the time of a solar storm.

CME — Coronal mass ejection

At the time of writing this story (31st to 1st April 2022), we were experiencing an influx of solar storms. The sun has projected 17 solar flares in 24 hours, this is un-unprecedented. The flares combined and are C-class and M-class flares and two full Halo CMEs. To be predicted also, on the 31st March 2022 is a “Cannibal CME” according to space weather.


As solar storms make their way to earth they can disrupt our planet and its electromagnetic field. Our earthly bodies have their own electromagnetic field. They are extending outside and surround our auras.

These flares are massive, and that is an understatement. And while I am not a science nerd or tech-minded, I have a soft spot for statistics. I gain curiosity like a child about how it affects the energetic body, our planet, and the collective consciousness. The intuitive-empath-healer side of me drinks it all in. Just like a long island iced tea on a hot afternoon.

The body has a lot of work to do as it sits in the vehicle seat. Each wave of flares will need time to integrate into our energy system. It will usually occur one to three days after a solar storm.

Our higher self takes the wheel when this occurs. Decides how to be embodied into the physical and etheric body.


Purpose of solar flares

The solar flares are fuel for the mass awakening into a high consciousness. Nudges those unawakened to awaken quickly like a jolt out of bed. A few years ago, the awakening was a gradual drip for some of us. Synchronicities and gentle nudges of awakening were like waking up after a long sleep.

The solar flares have two purposes:

1st — The planet earth is a living soul herself. Shifting and fracturing after each solar flare. Assisting humanity to awaken, raising her vibration. To allow each soul in the earthly sphere to do the same.

2nd — To wake up each soul from its unawakened state, to raise each person's vibration. To release us from a 3d dense carbon body to becoming crystalline.

This is what I have written previously on Ascension and Crystalline DNA. You can read it here:

Our bodies are nothing short of magic and have been evolving since the first wave of awakening back in 1998 (approximately). A testament to how we have existed all this time.


How do solar storms affect our body?

With every storm, our physical body may experience many ascension symptoms — fatigue, foggy memory, unable to focus, forgetfulness, blurry eyes, headaches, migraine, sinus and flu-like symptoms, and sore joints. Rapid changes in body temperature, ranging from hot to cold. Disruption to our sleeping patterns, throwing off our internal biological clock. Vivid dreams. Anxiety increases. Ear ringing, feeling out of our bodies. Body Vibrating, to name a few.

Emotionally we can go through the Dark Night of the soul, the intense purging of outdated beliefs and patterns. The releasing of the trauma of this life and past lives, irritability. There is the other side, moments of bliss and euphoric insights, new ideas, and clarity of situations where there were none.

Those who are empaths or HSP (highly-sensitive people) may experience these symptoms heavier than others. We are tuned in by our energy into the collective`s energy.

Our DNA is in the process of being upgraded to allow more light to come into the body. New strands of our DNA are on the threshold of being discovered, an exciting time for humanity. As a holistic healer, I am especially looking forward to this.

These changes will find a new place to call home in our bodies. And our intuition and connection to source energy will begin to strengthen. Psychic gifts develop further, or newly discovered abilities will become available to you to explore.

Our seven chakras remain while they get upgraded also. Our bodies will allow 12 chakras, possibly more to come online. Some like myself are already aware and use the 12 chakras in healing and meditation. This current influx of energy will eventually turn on all the 12 chakras for others.

We may experience degrees of fatigue. We are physically and utterly wiped out, on a grand scale. We spend a lot of the time on the lounge resting as our body vibrates, our chakras getting upgraded. Upgrades and downloads of new inspirations occur below the surface. The need to sleep is a priority. Or it is the opposite, and we experience insomnia as our bodies attempt to absorb the energy.

It is vital during this time to remain hydrated. And eat light to allow the body to do what is required. Grounding and getting out to nature is essential for our well-being. Meditate or be in a calm state to speak to the universe and listen for guidance. We can channel light source energy back into the entire planet to help her along her ascension.


In simple terms, it is similar to taking my sports performance car to the mechanic for a dyno tune, adding parts to the exhaust, engine, and body to output more power and make it more aerodynamic. It is the same for our bodies. As we evolve, so must our entire bodies and energy systems.

However, there is one hesitation. To begin ascending and to evolve will be a soul choice, decided at incarnation.

If you are reading this now, I believe you are already on your awakening or just beginning. The words I channel have their unique vibration. I trust the right souls will read it if it is for them.

Some will remain unawakened. It is a soul choice. They will travel along in their life as it is perfect for them until their soul is ready to depart.


Grid Structure Changes These flares will change the grid structure of our planet. Home to a new crystalline gridline now becoming established all through the earth. Linked together by many chakras, positioned around the planet. Similar to our bodies. Earth will experience her own ascension symptoms. Solar storms can cause more earthquakes and volcanoes as the grid of the earth rattles and shakes. Gaia has to shake off the dense energy, she is responsible for bringing the crystalline grid online so our bodies can connect to it. This raises the vibration of herself and all those who live here in this time of awakening. This has already begun, and grid workers have been assisting Gaia for many years. It is truly a team effort for all involved. It is like a theatre show where we are the main actors are the star of the show. There are many people behind the scenes getting the production-ready.


To Conclude

We can never fully prepare for every solar storm or spike in the Schumann resonance. At times we may be able to go about our daily lives and routines, or we may be required to rest and surrender. In other instances, we need to pay attention to what is triggering us and work through what is surfacing. Listen to your body, it will always steer you the way forward.

Ascension into 5d is not a physical space that we move to. It is the vibration of our energy that rises. The purpose is to flip the narrative on everything we know. To start seeing what has been unseen with new eyes. Earth resides only from a place of love. A new golden age of light is upon us.

A collective consciousness that wants all of humanity to ascend, to live in peace from greed, violence, and corruption. Not the emotion of fear, which has been the narrative for many lifetimes already.

A community of souls where we are all connected, not divorced and disconnected. Humans are of service to all, not just to ego or their self.


Medical Symptoms Disclosure — symptoms mentioned are based on my observation and experience in my own ascension process. If you are concerned about your health, please seek medical assistance.

For up-to-date space weather information, visit or download their app

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