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My Top 8 Stories about Ascension to 5D

Specially curated for you in one place to read


It seems as if I have been writing stories about my spiritual awakening and Ascension to 5D forever. Well, it hasn't been forever since I have only been on Medium since 2018.

When we are new to the awakening journey or ascension we want to absorb as much information as possible. The downside to that is that we can also get overwhelmed with too much too soon. I have definitely been there.

For those reasons, I have curated a selection of my stories about ascension in this story so you can easily save it for when you want to read them.

Think of it as a mini handbook to your ascension journey and hopefully be somewhere you can find the answers you are searching for.

Here are my most loved stories on Ascension to 5D

1.) Crystaline Body — The Becoming of a Multi-Dimensional Soul Being. This is about understanding the crystalline body, and, ascension terms (5 min read)

2.) Ascension Fatigue — What is it and what can we do about it? (4 min read)

3.) Ascension into 5D and the changes to our DNA — The creation of a new multi-dimensional being (6 min read)
4.) How to Understand Solar Storms and how it impacts our Ascension into 5D — What are solar storms and what do you need to know? (8 min read)

5.) Ascension into 5D — How has it affected our body? how does it change over 12 months? What are the physical signs and symptoms? — (7 min read)

6.) Flowing To The Path of Ascension into 5D — Working with the universe, not against it (5 min read)

7.) How To Better Understand The Four Bodies of Ascension — The physical, mental, spiritual, and etheric. What does it mean for an awakened soul on their ascension path? (5 min read)

8.) Ascension into 5D — The Effects on Our Body, Mind, and Soul — Reflecting on the last 12 months of my ascension journey (5 min read)

Hope you enjoyed the collection! Happy Reading

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